Which mode do you want to use?

Plain Text

Write notes in plain text, in a simple but elegant environment.

Save ideas or make lists and doodle in the margins. Everything (except the doodles) will be saved (locally) when you come back.


\- Ctrl + S - Save  
\- Ctrl + Alt + S - Save As  
\- Ctrl + O - Open  
\- Ctrl + M - Modify Name (Ctrl + R reloads)  
\- Ctrl + Delete - Delete current note  

The Esc key will bring the doodle pad above the words, and back down when you need to write again.

Clicking a number while out of the editor will change the color of your draw, and Backspace will clear it.

1\. Red  
2\. Orange  
\- ...  
\- 0 - default
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